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  • Pruning saw (saw blade length: 22.5 cm) for the quick sawing of branches, twigs etc., excellent for sawing hard and green wood, with sheath .

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  • Long-lasting: Exchangeable high-performance saw blade made of hard chrome carbon steel for extreme durability of the blade and corrosion-protection, only for sawing on the pull stroke
  • Effort-saving: Triple-ground, impulse-hardened saw tooth glide through the branch with minimal resistance, fine teeth (13 teeth on only 3 cm) for hard or green wood, set teeth prevent jamming of the saw during cutting
  • Safe and clean cut: The ergonomic handles have a special safety lock, precise cuts for minimizing the wound surface to reduce the risk of fungal or bacterial attack, additional protection due to the sheath
  • Made in Germany - With VPA-GS-seal for approved safety
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