ZHIWEI Gypsum Board Holes Punch Set 16piece


This item is 16pcs Hole Saw Kit . Holesaw enable you to cut a range of different diameter hole with your power drill,
is perfect for an accurate cut. Punch a small mark in the centre of the desired hole with a center punch, this will keep
the pilot drill bit centred when you begin cutting, your holesaw must be mounted on a mandrel before it can be put in a drill chuck.

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Detail feature:
● The drill adapts carbon steel, made of high-frequency quenching, has obtained high mechanical strength such as high strength and toughness.
● The surface is blackened and the teeth has high hardness, so that they have character of higher fatigue resistance and higher wear resistance.
The toothed design makes cutting faster and saves time and effort.
● Sharp head of blade. The chips are smooth and burr-free, and the chip groove are uniquely designed for unobstructed chip evacuation.
Hexagon arbors and tail, non-slip, anti-shedding, can easily replace the drill.
● It widely used in wood, PVC pipe, plastic, plaster, like home bedroom, wall surface, glass wall edge, kitchen, kitchenware, sink edge, acrylic words
on the facade outdoor , etc. 

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