Aluminum chrome rims 5 * 10


  • These rivets are made of high-quality metal and have excellent rust resistance. The hardware always keeps in good condition when used in a humid environment.

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  • Aluminum grip and steel mandrel. Acid and corrosion resistant. The surface is smooth, strong and light, easy to install, and can be well matched with the rivet gun.
  • These rivets are designed to fix all types of materials and will not deform the surface (painting, glazing, etc.) after the riveting process is completed.
  • Tubular rivet, the mandrel passes through the center. The smooth mandrel has no burrs and has fine workmanship. Fast and easy to install, to achieve a very tight and safe surface treatment.
  • These rivets are very suitable for connecting various metal plates and pipes. Ideal for joining plastics and thick fabrics. Used for DIY household, commercial, automobile, aviation, air duct, elevator, instrument, furniture, etc.
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