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  • EXCERCUS Fake Security Camera,Simulation Dummy Hemisphere Dome Camera,Wireless Surveillance System Realistic Look Indoor Waterproof with Flashing Red LED Light for Home Business Parking lot,4 Pack

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  • 【Function】Simulation lens and flashing red light,looks extremely realistic when hanging,for scaring or alerting unwanted guest or any illegal invasion. And red LED lights flashing every 2 seconds,which added feature gives a convincing impression. Get some peace of mind with our decoy cameras.
  • 【Simulation Design】EXCERCUS dummy fake security camera with hemisphere-type,classic dome shape, LED lights and durable ABS material design,resembles a lot the real camera. Perfectly mimics a genuine surveillance eye, allowing everyone to believe that it's the real thing.
  • 【Easy Installation】 Improve security in several minutes! This dome dummy security camera is easy to use, drill holes on wall, ceiling or any surface mountable, install it easily with the included screws. No need any wire, 2 pcs AA 1.5V batteries operated(Not included), it will flash after putting in the battery; if you don't want the flashing light, please do not put in the battery.
  • 【Reduction of Cost 】Lower cost,4 Pack,you can get 4 x Dome Simulation Camera (Black), 8 x Screw. Dummy surveillance cameras are a cost-effective way to give the monitor impression and ward off trouble simply. Small investment and big return.
  • 【Widely Used】This brand-new type of fake security camera,protect your homes, shops, business, parking lot,villa residence.
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