Electric Air Fryer 12L


 High Quality Material Healthier Cooking: Air fryer is constructed with heat-resistant glass thick coating, reinforced screws and adopts fast air circulation technology and low calorie cooking spray, which makes you fry without the excess fat from traditional frying and allows you to enjoy delicious food while reducing cooking time.

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★ Design: It has an auto-shutoff function, timer and temperature dials, as well as a removable non-stick cooking pot for no-hassle operation.
★ More Efficient Round Heating System: Select the bottom of the circle instead of the bottom of the square. Round bottom design can 360° evenly fry more foods and make it more crisp and delicious than other square fryers.
★ Temperature Time Control: Air fryer possess 60-250℃ superheated air and integrated timer with safe automatic shutdown function to cook food quickly and evenly, so you can enjoy delicious food while ensuring the speed and safety of cooking.
★ Variable Timer: The handy inbuilt 60-minute variable timer allows you to set your timer for when it suits you to start frying - Ideal for busy people on the move and for perfect results.

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