English Design Curtain Rod


English Design Curtain Rod 

Curtain Rod Drape Pipe Set , Easy Installation Accessories Includes Candle Decor Crown

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  • Choose the right size by the size chart provided in the product images show the size you need to choose depending on your window size The curtain is mounted in the barrel through curtain rings, grommets, or curtain pockets
  • Double Curtain Set Fits For Hanging Two Layers Of Curtains such As Heavy Duty Front Drape and Back Curtain Chiffon Organza Or Lace Embroidered
  • Pipe set contains 100% metal piping, decorative finials, wall mount (cappoly), metal bolts, easy to follow step-by-step instruction manual for easy installation in minutes
  • Available in a variety of styles, sizes and colors 100% heavy duty stainless steel
  • Works on all duplex (two layers) such as Light or Medium Blinds, Black Out or Heavy Weight Curtain Pipe Set (twin) including Magic Link so you can create different types of solutions by combining 2 curtain pipes for larger window sizes
  • DURABLE AND STABLE - Made of durable metal and strong enough to withstand heavy duty 100% metal heavy duty curtain stainless steel
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