Fibreglass measuring tape


  • METRIC AND IMPERIAL GRADUATIONS - The Geepas Long Measuring Tape has both metric and inches graduations that enable it to be used by all people using all graduations.
  • EASY TO USE - It does not require any conversion and makes the measuring process easier and less time-consuming.

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  • STRONG, LONG-LASTING FIBERGLASS MATERIAL- The Geepas Long Measuring Tape is made from long, lasting, durable, and strong fiberglass material.
  • LOW-MAINTENANCE, EASY TO STORE - This material does not require much maintenance and lasts for a long time without any damage. This measuring tape is easy to fold with the auto fold. It is very easy to hold and pull the measuring scale with the holding clip.
  • TOUGH OUTER CASE-AND METAL RING AT END - The tough outer casing prevents any damage from occurring to the actual tape while the strong and sturdy metal ring at the end can be hooked on to any surface to ensure accurate and easy measurements.
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