Okka Arzum OK004 Okkaminio 300ml


Okka Arzum OK004 Okkaminio 300ml 480 Automatic Turkish Coffee Machine

Watt sound warning system for kitchen, chef and housewives as a gift for guests

Arzum Okka Meno Turkish Coffee; When enjoyed, it is cooked to a perfect consistency with lots of foam.

Moreover, it can serve 4 cups of coffee at one time.

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Advantages of coffee with unique flavor talentsServes 4 cups of coffee at a time · OneControlled coffee service with drink detection that prevents coffeeThe cooking process can be controlled through an optical and audio warning systemEasy and safe cleaning with water thanks to the patented power transfer baseEasy, practical and comfortable use thanks to the dual pacifier designed for the right and left handsTrustworthy use .

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ادوات منزليةوكهربائية

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