The original Enzo wax device


The bridal waxing device is from the Italian brand Enzo for removing hair from the body

The device performs quickly, so it does not take a long and tiring time to remove body hair

It removes and removes hair accurately and effectively, regardless of the size, length, or location of the hair

Very easy to use and lightweight for easy carrying and taking anywhere

It is used for all parts of the body with ease

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Product Details

It reduces body hair growth with repeated and continuous use and delays its growth

You will get soft and silky smooth skin in just a few minutes

You will completely dispense with hair removal creams and machines

Waxing device for hair removal and waxing

Wax device

2 large wax rolls for all parts of the body

A set of wipes and strips for easy use

Hair removal zipper

How to use

The base of the device is connected to electricity

Then insert the wax roll into the device and attach it to the base of the device

Leave for about 15 minutes until the wax softens

We disconnect the electricity from the device

We pass a thin layer of wax roller over the areas of the body from which hair is to be removed

We put a piece of tissue and press it

We pull the piece of tissue out easily and against the direction of hair growth

We clean the area of ​​any residue, then paint it with the attached spray or any oils or creams you prefer


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