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Wax Warmer for Washing Patterns, Double Patterns, Hair Removal, Wax Heater, Wax Hair Removal for Beautiful Skin, Cartridges, Tealight Rollers, Heater (EU)

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 Unwanted hair on the hand, foot, elbows, arms, legs, armpits and bikini zone can be removed easily, quickly and comfortably without skin irritation or damage. And easy to clean after use.
Wide range of applications: The hair remover is suitable for body hair, including bikini area, back, legs, arms, face, armpits, eyebrows, beard and other unwanted hair. Waxing machine can help remove your hair easily. A gorgeous and long lasting smooth skin to get.
Visual design: the transparent viewing window is practical to observe the wax state in the holder without opening it. Portable size and light weight are comfortable to carry.
Easy to use: keep the skin dry and clean if the hair length is 1.5 cm. Heat the wax pattern generally for about 20 minutes so that it becomes liquid. Tear off the lid. Slide the machine head out towards hair growth onto skin or wax paper to apply the pattern wax.
【Manual】Stick the wax paper evenly and firmly to the skin by repeated printing. Quickly pull the wax paper from the opposite direction of hair growth. You can use the wax paper 1 3 times to remove wax and hair. Cleanse your skin.

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